Miscellaneous Rome

And lastly for Rome, a few shots that don’t fit into the other categories.


The Spanish Steps


Marcus Aurelius Pillar


Elephant and Obelisk


The Wedding Cake (or Typewriter or any of another half a dozen names)


The Castel Saint Angeli and a couple of angels from the bridge approaching it.


And lastly some interesting rooftops, taken from the Villa Borghese Grounds


Next time will be moving onto the Vatican.


Chester Zoo

For those who live in the area and have never been Chester Zoo is a great day out. We arrived at opening and left at closing and only just managed to see everything.

The habitats felt very natural and some were not even penned in in the traditional manner. For example there were several outside areas for apes and monkeys that had no fences or bars and were just hemmed in by a small river. Many of the animals were outside playing when we were there so we got to see most of them, it was a perfect day of warm and sunny but cool enough for creatures to be stirring. We watched a baby orangutan spinning himself around on the end of a rope then doing roly-polys on the floor when he was dizzy. We also saw a cheetah chasing a bird, man those cats are fast! Although there are no pictures (for obvious reasons) if you go definitely go to the bat cave. It is amazing! They fly all around you and you can feel them woosh past, incredible.

We couldn’t take pictures of all of the animals since we had some battery issues with our phones but here is the majority! I apologise for some of them not being great quality, they were taken through glass. They’re still cool. Enjoy!