Miscellaneous Rome

And lastly for Rome, a few shots that don’t fit into the other categories.


The Spanish Steps


Marcus Aurelius Pillar


Elephant and Obelisk


The Wedding Cake (or Typewriter or any of another half a dozen names)


The Castel Saint Angeli and a couple of angels from the bridge approaching it.


And lastly some interesting rooftops, taken from the Villa Borghese Grounds


Next time will be moving onto the Vatican.


Pork chops and potatoes

Yesterday was my traditional weekly dinner with Kim, we had it on Tuesday this week because I’m heading to my parents tonight for Thanksgiving. Kim’s boyfriend, Kieran, is not very keen on pork so she does not have it very often at home. For this reason I decided to make pork chops for dinner, also because I really like pork chops and also because there will be a chicken overload tomorrow! I baked the pork chops in the oven with a little salt and pepper. To serve with them I boiled new potatoes which I served with a cheese and leak sauce. For the greens we had al dente green beans. To finish the whole thing off I decided to try a slice of apple, slightly boiled, on top of the pork. I think the apple tasted good but next time I will try and bake the apple of the top pork so the pork can absorb a bit more of the juice, I didn’t have my timing quite right this time.

Dinner. Doesn't photograph well but tastes yummy (I think anyways).


The above was written on Wednesday but I did not have time to finish. So…

Since, as noted previously, Kim and I finished Buffy last week. Therefore, for a complete change of scene after 20 months of watching the Buffyverse, we have moved onto….Angel. I know. We’re sad.

We have now watched the first three episodes of Angel which ranĀ concurrent to season four of Buffy. Angel appears to have restored the humour that was becoming rarer in Buffy but does appear to have continued with the slightly darker bent. Overall I enjoyed and am looking forward to seeing some more. Although I somehow think there will be less fashion commentary with series. Angel has clearly overcompensated for having dated Miss Five-thousand Coats by only owning one outfit. On the plus side, at least his clothes match unlike many of Buffy outfits. I will miss Willow!