Super-duper Hen Do

I’m afraid this post is a little late (sorry Kim!) since my hen do was actually 2 weeks ago now but things have been a bit busy around here. I can’t believe the wedding is next Saturday! A friend at work went to a 3 day wedding last week and the planning that must be involved in that is unimaginable to me.

Fortunately I had zero planning to do for the hen party as my fabulous maid of honour did all of the work and everything was a complete surprise to me. And what a lot of work she did too! Our group convened just before 2pm on Saturday and got home around 2am on Sunday after a four part party! Amazing.

Kim, planner extraordinaire, had been careful to make her hints about the day as cryptic and worrying as possible. For example, when I asked her what sort of clothes I should wear she answered that it would have to something I could bend down in for the daytime event. Hmmm… She did say she wasn’t going to make everyone wear something stupid… except for possibly me. Fortunately I escaped with a main ‘costume’ of a circlet veil and a ‘Bride To Be’ sash. She did make us look stupid though…

So part one of the hen do was bowling! This was not something I would have guessed since I knew we were staying in town and I didn’t know town had a bowling alley. Apparently it’s only been there a month or two. So off we went to All Star Lanes in the Great Northern which was appropriately American themed.


It’s been a while since most of us had been bowling but we valiantly pressed on with the sides down. I got an impressive 9 on my first roll, only to follow it with 5, 5!, gutterballs. But once we got going the points started pouring in. We like to tell ourselves that anyway.






Mom and I

Mom and I

Mom (who will now tell me off for putting up this picture of her.)

Mom (who will now tell me off for putting up this picture of her.)







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1001148_10151408367696986_285249050_n 1498_10151408367856986_244266135_n 5353_10151408368831986_1146943269_n 6664_10151408368061986_1914832318_n

She just had to go one better than the rest of us.

She just had to go one better than the rest of us.

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Kim had also prepared a variety of games, challenges and forfeits for the day. None of us were allowed to say the name of my fiance, Chris, which was made all the most amusing by having Cristina (who usually goes by Cris) in our group. We each had a name badge, her’s said ‘She Who Must Not Be Named’. Yes my friends are also geeks.

No one slipped up on this until after we had finished bowling but we didn’t make it out of the centre without me mentioning the cursed name. That was when I got the forfeit:

Possibly not my sexiest look.

Possibly not my sexiest look.

Kim had also arranged a less embarrassing forfeit for anyone who lost a game. I guess that is why she worked so hard to win at the bowling.

Bowling may not be our talent but it sure is fun.

Bowling may not be our talent but it sure is fun.

As the lowest scoring bowler my mother’s ‘Partner In Crime’ Annie had the forfeit:

I think she looks very glamorous.

I think she looks very glamorous.

After the working up an appetite bowling we headed down the road to Opus One for one of my favourite things, High Tea!

Kim and I have been here a couple of times before so we know they do a good spread.


1002265_10151408369096986_992940958_n 934610_10151408369801986_1176228258_n

971386_10151408369016986_2140042415_n1605_10151408369266986_1236833411_n 1001332_10151408369371986_1582803779_n  1002407_10151408369241986_1130793162_n 1005947_10151408369551986_64592823_n

Most of us went for the traditional afternoon tea with finger sandwiches, scones with jam and cream and a variety of cakes. I think the scones were my favourite part of the meal, light and sweet. Cris had the gentleman’s high tea which has things like pork pie and mini fish and chips instead of sandwiches. It looked good although sadly I didn’t get any pictures of it. It looked so good that Kim commented to me that we should bring Kieran (her partner) and Chris out for one. Ooops…

She actually ended up using the 'C' word more than I did!

She actually ended up using the ‘C’ word more than I did!

To keep the fun flowing Kim also had a game for us to play during our meal and pulled out some post-its and pens from her bag of tricks. We played a hilarious game of couples Guess Who I Am while we waited for our food. I think the winner got theirs within four or five questions but there were several occasions of people using their 20 questions and being none the wiser. Katie got the glasses for this game having the only historical couple in the game. I was the only one who wrote a fictitious couple which I thought was interesting and Kim got the only non-romantic couple whom I had never even heard of.

944988_10151408369171986_1544074249_n 993069_10151408369601986_1849315994_n

We did take the moustaches off to eat after I tried to drink with mine and failed miserably.


I just thought the glasses would add something.

Since Kim had not made everyone wear something that made it obvious we were a hen do she insisted I came to the ladies’ with her as ‘context’ for her moustache. For the record, it is a very nice bathroom with real towels and everything.

Kim also used her sticky notes to have everyone write down a date for Chris and I, they are secrets and whenever we need a date after the wedding we can draw one at random. We then have to follow the instructions. I hope none of them say ‘Go to Spain’ because that could be tricky for a mid-week date.

Since we were on a hen do I also got a special present from the management.


The chocolates were a rich fudge-like treat and I adore strawberries with melted chocolate.

We found this in the restaurant/hotel lobby. After all, what would a hen party be without one?


After lunch it was time for a quick trip home to change into evening wear before heading out again (5 women, 1 bathroom, you do the maths!). Sadly Katie had to go home at this point but were joined by my lovely soon to be mother- and sister-in-law.

For our evening festivities we went to Manchester 235, the casino in the Great Northern. I think this was a great choice as it is a very glitzy, hen partyish thing to do. Also I have never been to a casino so it was very exciting!

When we arrived there we were ushered into the VIP lounge for our own private cocktail making class. Those of you who have read previous posts will know that Chris and I both enjoy making, and drinking, cocktails so this was particularly cool. Since Kim enjoys drinking the cocktails we make I guess it wasn’t an entirely self-choice of activity :p.

Anyone who has ever been out with me knows I am a complete lightweight so when they started me off on a shot of something strong and strawberry I was already well on my way. It may help explain the following pictures if I point out that Mom is as bad as I am and also that we made A LOT of cocktails so that even the hardiest drinker was giggling.

We started off with a cocktail everyone made.


The first cocktail was strawberry vodka and amaretto topped up with bubbly and garnish with a strawberry. Yum yum. So good in fact that when Annie wasn’t looking Mom started drinking her’s as well!

For the other cocktails the guys teaching us would make a sample one and pass it round then ask for a couple of volunteers to try it themselves.

Firstly we had a cosmopolitan. As the bride (and someone who likes cosmopolitans) I thought I should be first to volunteer. This round was a straight up contest between Sandra (Chris’ Mom) and myself. She won and got to have a shot as her reward. I got to light a piece of orange peel though which was quite exciting.


See the cosmopolitan in the front? I'm sure we took pictures of the cocktails up close but I don't seem to have them, they must have been on someone else's camera.

See the cosmopolitan in the front? I’m sure we took pictures of the cocktails up close but I don’t seem to have them, they must have been on someone else’s camera.

The next cocktail on the list was Kim’s favourite: the Mojito! My Mom and Susie took on this challenge as Kim wanted to taste both and be the judge.


I'm not 100% sure how it got a moustache.

I’m not 100% sure how it got a moustache.

After this the challenges got more tricky with Sandra and Cris competing with Annie and Kim to make a coffee cocktail… only using one hand each!

7870_10151408366806986_472038183_n 2013-06-08_19-49-47_506 2013-06-08_19-51-48_299 114_5243 114_5241

Next up was a Hudson/Hardman duo competition with Sandra and I competing against my Mom and Sandra’s daughter Vicky. To make it more interesting Mom and Mum were both blindfolded and Vicky and I had to guide them. They couldn’t decide which Sex on the Beach was best so we all got shots.

114_5251  114_5257114_5262114_5260

They also made a personalised cocktail for me after asking my hens for some of my characteristics.

It was passionfruit, spiced rum and strawberry puree muddled together then chipped ice was added and the cocktail was topped up with champagne. While they were making it the manager came through and told them to use the good Crystal champagne which we later found out was £365 a bottle! This was definitely the most expensive drink I’ve ever had. It was good too. To top it off the hollowed out passionfruit skin was filled with 65% proof rum and set on fire and a strawberry was added to garnish. And, if that’s not enough pizzazz for you, cinnamon and sugar was sprinkled on top causing a whoosh!


You can't see the flames as well here but Annie and I's reaction should speak volumes.

You can’t see the flames as well here but Annie and I’s reaction should speak volumes.

As well as the one they made Annie and I also made this cocktails. Annie put the correct 1 measure of rum in her’s. I couldn’t remember how much went in so I asked and was told ‘whatever you want’ so I put in two O:-).

There were so many names suggested that I couldn’t pick so I amalgamated them into one: Raunchy Rachel’s Fairy Cup of Tea on Fire! Delicious.

But the alcohol didn’t end there (sorry liver).

I believe this is called a Jaeger train? You lift the end cup and...

I believe this is called a Jaeger train? You lift the end cup and…

... the shot glasses end up in the larger cups, how clever is that! And I could even do it decidedly tipsy.

… the shot glasses end up in the larger cups, how clever is that! And I could even do it decidedly tipsy.

Many thanks to our good natured teacher, one of whom even ended up wearing a ‘I said Chris’ moustache over his real moustache.


After the cocktail class we stayed at Manchester 235 for a 2 course dinner (with wine of course, we had free drinks vouchers after all).

114_5280 114_5279 114_5278 114_5289 114_5288 114_5287

The food was very good as was the dinner time game of ‘I have never’. Amusing the ‘loser’ at this game was Chris’ Mum and the ‘winner’ was mine! My mother really is a child of the 60s and 70s.


During dinner several other people had to wear the moustache (thank heavens, Kim and I were getting tired of our monopoly after several failures each).


Adventurous moustache!

Adventurous moustache!

114_5286 114_5281 2013-06-08_19-58-28_559 998127_10151408370366986_789453858_n

But the evening wasn’t over yet!

Kim had also booked us in for a gambling lesson plus we had vouchers for a £5 bet each. As I said I had never been to a casino so this was a new and fun experience. The guy teaching us how to play was also excellent so I would highly recommend the casino.

First we learned blackjack, at which I was doing alright. Unfortunately finding a £2 in table after the lesson was hard, most of them were £5 in.

He even gamely wore our glasses.

Then we had a lesson in Roulette.

114_5301 114_5303 114_5300 114_5298

I played a few real games of roulette as well and managed to turn my free £5 into £15 so I was pretty chuffed. Mom did significantly better at the fake game unfortunately, winning a fake fortune.

My winnings.

My winnings.

Susie won a pound but it was a fortuitous pound since on the way back from cashing it a random man playing blackjack bought each of us a drink. Win. Thank you random man.

So overall we had a great and hilarious night. Thank you to all my hens, you are so much fun! I hope you had as good a time as I did. And mostly a huge thank you to Kim who orchestrated everything perfectly.



Bridal Shower

Being a child of two nations I have always gotten to celebrate both American and British traditions (or, where conflicting, pick the best one!). For example I celebrate July 4th and St. George’s Day although I have learned that the British just aren’t as good at celebrating things as Americans are. I think I probably celebrate the British things in a very American way.

Last weekend was another example of this as my mother threw my an American style bridal shower. Next weekend my maid of honour is throwing me a hen party (I have no idea what style this will be since it is a surprise, all I know is that I need to wear clothes I can bend over in :s concerning).

Last year when we were in the States we were going through a box of pictures and newspaper clippings my Grandma had and found a delightful article talking about a bridal shower she had been to which listed the ladies present, the games played and which lady won which game. It was beautifully quaint. The article also listed when the bride and groom would be honeymooning and their address… where all of their wedding presents would be… unattended. Different era. I think those clippings were from the late 1920s maybe early 30s.

Mom decided to throw a 1950s style bridal shower for me but other than some foods and fashion changes it appears to be very similar. Certainly more civilised and pretty than a British Hen Party (or American Bachelorette party, I told my American aunt I was having a hen do and had to repeat it several times and explain before she stopped giving me a confused look).

The first fun part was of course trying on lots and lots of clothes to find a suitable 1950s outfit. I ended up going with a dress I already had but the trying on is always a must. Chris got me the below a couple of years ago because the shape really suits me.

And here comes Chloe in the background. Isn't the bunting on the gate cute? This is the closest dress I had to a 1950s shape plus it is just plain cute. From Sohos in Afflecks if you want to know.

And here comes Chloe in the background. Isn’t the bunting on the gate cute? This is the closest dress I had to a 1950s shape plus it is just plain cute. From Sohos in Afflecks if you want to know.

My maid of honour Kim came across from Manchester with me and, as a guest in our house for the first time, helped make lunch. She had a genuinely vintage dress which was black lace over a bright pink, very cute. My sister also had pink and black so the three of us were unintentionally co-ordinated.

Also in this picture our friend Annie, who also came as a guest, who also helped make lunch, bless them both!

Also in this picture our friend Annie, who also came as a guest, who also helped make lunch, bless them both!

Kim and my sister, Chloe

Kim and my sister, Chloe

The prize for best outfit definitely goes to my Aunt though who went to great efforts with the below:

She also had a scarf in her hair and little bows on her socks, so cute!

She also had a scarf in her hair and little bows on her socks, so cute!

The house was decorated with lots of bunting and a pink and grey set of shower things that Mom had bought, it looked great.

We got this bunting at the church Christmas fair. My mother thinks ahead! I had pink cup cake and teapots. I am sure we can use this again.

We got this bunting at the church Christmas fair. My mother thinks ahead! I had pink cup cake and teapots. I am sure we can use this again.

This took some work to get it to stay up.

This took some work to get it to stay up.

Chris had to walk through Grimsby town centre carrying this and a bunch of purple stocks. He got some comments.

Chris had to walk through Grimsby town centre carrying this and a bunch of purple stocks. He got some comments. The plates and cups also had this design.

Mom even co-ordinated the toilet paper.

Mom even co-ordinated the toilet paper.

Overall we had 12 ladies plus my mother and I. Since Mom and I were not allowed to win prizes that left the other 12 potentially lucky women the chance at these:

The lilac are the winners' prizes with pink booby prizes.

The lilac are the winners’ prizes with pink booby prizes.

We just about all fit into our front room but I enjoyed the coziness, it meant you could see and speak to everyone.


Mom had arranged several games for us to play, some just fun and others with a wedding theme.

The first game was not bridal specific but fun, we had to match the pseudonym (wow I got the spelling correct first time!) with the real name. I discovered that I am better at men’s names than women’s and we had a laugh trying to pronounce some of the original names, no wonder celebrities change them sometimes!

Next we had a wordsearch of wedding related words. This was ongoing during gaps between the other games. Overall I did ok at this but did manage to find some words that were not on the list but should have been such as ‘Wed’. I also think most brides will agree that ‘Fat’ is something that preoccupies them for months before the wedding!

Next was a game that was definitely biased towards the happily already married as it involved matching wedding anniversaries to the present for it e.g. 1st paper, 25th silver, 50th gold etc… Apparently electrical appliances is now an anniversary thing. I want to know what got bumped off the list to make way for that! As unwed ladies Kim and I were hopelessly confused by this but now I know what Chris needs to be buying me each year!

The next would be a fun game for any party: a list of things such as ‘types of flower’ or ‘cities’ down the left hand side and a name across the top (you may use your own, you don’t have to use mine like we did). People then have to try and think of an example from the left hand column which starts with the letter from the top. So for RACHEL you could have Rhododendron, Apple blossom, Carnations, Heliotrope, Evening primrose and Lilac for flowers. If no one else in the room has the same item in any given box you get a point. Of course I can think of them now, at the time I had a mind blank!

Lastly we had a brief game of Mr and Mrs. Everyone got a number and whoever had the number correlating my final score won. Chris and I got 9/15 which isn’t bad. One question neither of us knew the answer to so I don’t count that one! I got a couple wrong and he got a couple wrong *cough* date he proposed *cough*. He’ll never live that one down! But it was a laugh.

Following the playing of games and the winning of prizes we had a lovely buffet prepared by my Mom, Kim and Annie.

Mom made red velvet cupcakes and lemon cupcakes. The lemon were a trial run for the weddng cake. Both were fantastic!

Mom made red velvet cupcakes and lemon cupcakes. The lemon were a trial run for the weddng cake. Both were fantastic!

How cute.

How cute.

All the food!

All the food!

One of our guests made some truly delicious bakewell cupcakes, yummy!

One of our guests made some truly delicious bakewell cupcakes, yummy!

The lemon cupcakes are pink, the red velvet are purple.

The lemon cupcakes are pink, the red velvet are purple.

Egg and cress, ham salad or cheese and mango chutney sandwiches.

Egg and cress, ham salad or cheese and mango chutney sandwiches.

Devilled eggs. Apparently a must for this era's parties.

Devilled eggs. Apparently a must for this era’s parties.

Celery with cream cheese. Can you tell my foodie best friend had the camera?

Celery with cream cheese. Can you tell my foodie best friend had the camera?

Pretzels are of course and American favourite.

Pretzels are of course and American favourite.

I learned that Doritos were the new big thing in the 50s-60s.

I learned that Doritos were the new big thing in the 50s-60s.

Look at that delicious feast. We also had a fruit (non-alcoholic) punch.

Look at that delicious feast. We also had a fruit (non-alcoholic) punch.

After much eating and much chatting I opened my gifts.

Mom displayed my gifts in an umbrella in the entrance hall. A great idea especially when you have run out of table space.

Mom displayed my gifts in an umbrella in the entrance hall. A great idea especially when you have run out of table space.

Mom said they used to have three showers, one from the Mother of the Bride, one from the Mother of the Groom and one from the Maid of Honour. There would be different kinds of showers such as personal showers or showers where people bought specifically kitchen or house gifts.

Since Chris and I already have a house which is pretty well equipped I had a personal shower. Gifts are supposed to just be very small, inexpensive things but I have to say that some of our guests did go a little overboard. I’m not complaining, I got some wonderful things. Some designed to help a stressful bride relax such as bubblebath, cream soaks and even a book ‘keep calm for brides’. Also a book ‘don’ts for wives’ which was a very short volume!

I also received some very personal gifts such as night dresses and underwear, I’m sure Chris will enjoy those on the honeymoon as well 😉

Kim gave me a very thoughtful gift of a memory box into which I promptly put some of things from my shower.

All of the gifts had to have a ribbon on it. This had a dual purpose. The idea is that however many ribbons break as I remove them is how many children Chris and I will have. My Mom had wrapped her gifts oddly tightly! In the unwrapping process I ripped one ribbon and one broke completely in half so I guess that is two kids for us. We then took the ribbons and pulled them through a paper plate to make a ‘bouquet’ that I can use for our rehearsal.


I also got the gift of advice. Each lady wrote a piece of advise on a slip of white material which was then attached to a pillow which said ‘love’ via a heart shaped button.

Before everyone left we had a little favour for them as well which my mother had hung on a tree in the hallway.

DSCF0590 DSCF0591

I want to thank Mom for throwing me such a beautiful and fun bridal shower, you’re the best. I also wish to thank Kim and Annie for helping us pull it off! Also all of the wonderful family and friends who came: thank you for the presents and thank you even more for coming over and making it such a lovely afternoon.

So on a closing note, if you are a bride-to-be, have a shower and a hen do. Two very different entertainments and both very worthwhile having!

P.S. Always say ‘at the shower’ never ‘in the shower’. We learned this the difficult way.

Food, Fittings and Flowers

This weekend was my first dress fitting for my wedding dress. We picked the dress out a few months ago now but they don’t actually measure you until about 5 months in advance of the wedding which happens to be now, so exciting.

So my Mom came over to Manchester for one night to come with me since looking at yourself in the mirror is not as helpful as having someone else give things a critical once over. Also because she enjoys it!

Last night after work we decided to go out for dinner. Now, as you may have noticed, we are dieting, successfully I might add, so we did not want to spoil this with anything overly rich or oily. We opted in the end for Italian because we all like it and because Mom had seen a sign at Bella Italia in the Arndale saying they were doing a <600 calorie pizza. It is probably 599 but that is still not bad.


Mom and I each got one of the three available pizzas on the pizza vita list and split them. Here were have mushroom and ham or chicken. Both were yummy with a slightly spicy tomato sauce and peppery rocket. The base was not a typical pizza base but was suitably thin and crispy with a good bready crust you could sink your teeth into.

After dinner we went to Home Sweet Home where Mom and I were well behaved and had tea. Chris on the other hand pushed the boat out and had a cookie monster milkshake!!!

He was very pleased with himself.

He was very pleased with himself.


Actually, we weren’t that good and had a chocolate chip cookie and a half each which prompted us to decided that a chocolate chip later on the wedding cake would be pretty darn delicious :D.

To keep with the wedding theme of the weekend Mom and I then went home and watched Bride Wars, definitely a chick flick but quite funny and overall enjoyable. Maybe not Chris’ cup of tea.

So that was Friday night.

Saturday morning I had my first dress fitting and was very pleased to discover that the sample dress which had been a bit too small in September was a bit too large now. Brilliant! We also bought a couple of things that are dress related but I can’t talk about those in case Chris sees. Suffice it say it was a very worthwhile trip! It was also the first time my Maid of Honour has seen me in the dress and I am very happy to report that she loved it.

For lunch Mom and I were very good, buoyed on by my success with the dress, and had jacket potatoes in the food court.

I know, wow, but aren't these trays way to small?

I know, wow, but aren’t these trays way to small? At least there is a good amount of cheese.


In the afternoon we had an appointment with the lady who will be doing my flowers, Val, who is a friend of my Mom’s from a church retreat. She has a very impressive resume, to say the least, so when she offerred to do my wedding bouquet and the all the other flowers we jumped at the chance. So Mom and Kim and I caught the train out to Stockport to go and visit.


Mom saw I was taking a picture… Kim did not.

Chris’ Mum (with a ‘u’) Sandra also came to the flower consultation. Chris’ Dad picked us up at Stockport Station and took us to Val’s house, dropped us off and then, probably wisely, drove away again.

We had a great couple of hours discussing flowers and other things and in the end decided to go with some pink flowers in with the purple to brighten up my purple colour scheme. The men are having cerise button-holes and mine and the girls’ bouquets will also feature flowers in that colour. We will also be using a lot of greenery, especially in the decorations we are having for the reception venue. I wanted bouquets that would have some motion and fluidity to them so Val is looking at adding some trailing flowers or greenery in. My bouquet will be a longer one and she is going to work into it the ribbons that were in the Grandma’s and my Mom’s wedding bouquets. They are going to be my ‘something old’. Since my Grandma got married in the 1920s I’m sure she won’t mind me saying that.

More details of the flowers as we get them!

And thanks to Mom and Kim for having a girly, weddingy day with me.

Also Kim and I have compared diaries and pencilled in our next Come Dine With Me night so watch this space…

The dreaded ‘D’ word

Otherwise known as healthy eating.

Just under 2 weeks in and I could kill for some chocolate but I know if I have one small bit it will turn into an entire box and then I will have to start from scratch on the whole will power thing. The whole reason I have to do this is because I have never been one of those people who can have one Cadbury’s chocolate Roses and then not have any other chocolate for 6 months. Same goes for any dessert really. I also enjoy cheese sandwiches. Basically, I am really bad at this!

But as every bride-to-be who is not a size 0 knows Now Is The Time. You have to look good for all of those wedding photos, not to mention the hundred people who will be staring at you as you walk down the aisle.

Now I have to say my dress is brilliant. It hides the bad (tummy and butt) and accentuates the good (hips and bust) and actually makes me look (and feel) quite slim. But you can’t rely solely on the dress so I, and Chris by proxy, have started dieting in the New Year.

I’m doing a bit of a mix of weight loss programs, a mix of slim fast, slimming world and plain old exercise. I may also have cheated and got some metabolism boosters which really seem to be helping.

A few tips:

1) Chris and I found that for many meals, basically anything with a sauce, we can swap meat for quorn. So far we have had quorn beef spaghetti, quorn beef enchilads, quork chicken (or quicken as Chris has dubbed it) fajitas and quicken risotto. While neither tastes exactly like their meat counterparts the sauces in these dishes make it barely noticeable and it means you aren’t missing the texture or fullness of having meat. The calorie difference is amazing.

2) I have also made many minor adjustments such as making sure never to use oil when cooking and

3) Minimising the cheese intake. Where cheese is a must (and for me cheese really is a must sometimes) we have been using the reduced fat cheese which, I am surprised to say, tastes exactly the same.

4) Buying the reduced fat version of things. This can be hit and miss so just try stuff out.

5) Cutting out alcohol. I don’t want you to think I’m an alcoholic or anything but a bit of a wine in a sauce or cold cider after work  on a Friday night are both good things. Except they aren’t! Get used to having a diet coke down at the pub and don’t forget that it isn’t the alcohol that makes the night fun, it is who you are with. Be silly on your own, it is more fun when you can remember it clearly the next day! Also less risk of feeling ill or still being drunk when your parents come over in the morning (that only happened once!)

6) Slimfast shakes. It sounds like a milkshake for breakfast or lunch is not going to be very satisfying but once you are passed the first part of the diet I find myself feeling less hungry anyway. The shakes are a great way to cut down on some calories (especially if you only use one scoop instead of two like I do) and milk is really good for you! As an added bonus they are currently half price at Boots so it’s a good time to try one. I have been substituting my sandwich at lunch for one of these and it actually means I feel better in the afternoon. Don’t buy the cheap, bulk ones at the supermarket, they taste terrible, go for the real thing. The Superdrug ones are nice though.

7) Apples. Apples are my favourite fruit which is great because they are a superfood. It also means that if I do feel a shake is not going to cut it simply because I need to chew on something an apple or two is a brilliant alternative.

8) Baked Beans. A super-superfood according to my Mom. I hate them. Some American I am. But she swears they work well!

9) Follow the slimming world model of red or green days. I pretty much always go green, as much veggies and pasta/rice/potato as I want, just limit the meat, perfect with quorn so there is no meat!

I don’t to sound preachy because I know I am not one of nature’s slimmers, but if it is helping a habitual snacker like me then I hope it can help all those normal girls out there who are the same.

If it helps to know I have lost 7 pounds since I started! Although the wii fit wants me lose over 12 stone more because it thought I was 6 pounds when it weighed me first and I told it I wanted to lose 4 pounds. Now it is weighing me correctly it is very worried!

Travel Agents

I spent a good deal of my day off in various travel agents around Manchester. Far more of my day off than I would originally have liked to be honest. It may have come to about 5 hours altogether. I finished my day off more tired then when I started! But my single-minded determination paid off and I did in fact book a honeymoon. I also discovered an important money saving tip.

Here it is:

If you are in town and don’t have to be anywhere for half an hour but really, really need a cup of tea then go to a travel agents! You get a free cuppa and you get to look at places where there is SUNSHINE (for British readers ‘Sunshine’ is that weather state where there are few or no clouds, I know, scary isn’t it?).

Ok so that was a little cheap of me but since I was genuinely shopping for a holiday I had no objection to having a cup of tea at each place I went to. Having had very little sugar for a week due to starting my Wedding ‘healthy eating’ (my mother-in-law to be said she never uses the word ‘diet’ it is simply healthy eating) I was feeling a little high after my 4th cup of sugary caffeine.

But onto the more important point of honeymooning. Now I am one of those women who has know various things about her wedding since the age of 10 and one of the things I decided long ago was that I wanted to go to Rome for my honeymoon. Fortunately it is also somewhere Chris really wants to go to so that wasn’t a hard sell :)!

Where in Rome became a bit of a problem though… unsurprisingly there are a lot of hotels in Rome. So I did some pricing online but thought I would try some travel agents to see how it compared to a package deal. As it turns out the package deal was much better because we got a couple of freebies/discounts in the end and I don’t have to arrive in Rome and try and work out their public transport straight away since they have arranged pick up for us.

However because there were so many hotels to choose from it was a bit overwhelming. Each travel agent works with different hotels so you can’t just go in and say ‘I want that one’ but they also each work with so many it would take all day to look at each and every one. So I had each travel agent price up and recommend a couple then went home and checked them out myself. I am really glad I did this since one place that looked really good on paper turned out to be pet friendly and have 4 dogs when I looked it up at home!

In the end we found a 4 star hotel in the centre of Rome for a very good price (as I said with discounts from the travel agents and a free room upgrade) and we also ended up being able to afford to go for an extra day just by going mid-week instead of straight after the wedding. Added bonus is that we will have some time to rest and empty the camera memory cards.

So the lesson here is (not just how to get free tea) to check out the travel agents. Even if it does work out cheaper to book each bit yourself it is really fun and they may give you some ideas. Also, if you are having a honeymoon tell EVERYONE! It gives you a chance to talk wedding a bit and they will try and get you upgrades and free stuff, great! It also meant that I spoke to a woman who’s daughter got married on the 29th of June last year, how funny.

After much thought and searching Chris and I went with the River Palace Hotel. Aside from having a cool name the location is great (my top priority) and the decor is classy but Italian (my second priority). The breakfast also looks pretty good which can’t hurt and it has 4.5 stars out of 5 after nearly 1000 reviews. I look forward to showing you pictures in July!

I also bought Chris’ wedding ring but that will be another post-wedding picture, I don’t want the guests to see it before the day!

Next weekend Dress fittings and flowers! It is very busy being a bride-to-be but I love it 🙂

Maid of Honour

As I mentioned in a previous post Kim and I had tried bridesmaid dress shopping back in November and come up blank. Since I had so much luck finding dresses for Chloe and Vicky we thought we would try our luck again on the Maid of Honour again.

It took us a while to find a dress that was the right colour since now we had to not only to find a purple dress but one that went with the other two (plus one Kim and I both liked). But find one we did! Two in fact although they were technically the same dress but in different lengths. Kim had originally said that she wanted a longer, more traditional Maid of Honour dress but she tried on both just in case. The shorter one did not fit and there were none in her size but the longer one fit perfectly 🙂

Well it will fit perfectly once we get it taken up at the bottom a bit.

Well it will fit perfectly once we get it taken up at the bottom a bit.


The colour goes very well with the other two dresses being basically the same colour but a shade darker. It goes almost exactly with my shoes! Although you can’t see it well this dress does have straps but they are hidden behind Kim’s hair. The style around the waist is similar to the other 2 dresses so I think they will go well together. And Kim gets her dress that stands out. It was also on 60% off at Kendal’s 😀

Bridesmaid’s Dresses and Groomsmen’s Suits

A couple of months ago Kim and I did a preliminary bridesmaid dress shop and came up completely blank. So we decided to give it another go in January when some of things we deemed too expensive might be less and when there might be more dresses available following the Christmas party season.

So when my Mom and my sister Chloe were over last weekend it was a good opportunity to try a few things on. Chloe is difficult to buy for because she is so tiny! I was helping her buy jeans and the size 8’s were just falling off of her. Fortunately she is my sister and adorable so I can’t dislike her for it but it does make her tricky to buy for. My other bridesmaid, Vicky, is also very thin but has a completely different look to Chloe so finding something they would both look good in was going to be a challenge.

We thought we would get Chloe to try on a few things and if there was anything we liked I would get Vicky to try it on the next day when she was in town. Kim, as my maid of honour, does not necessarily have to have the same dress should we find one that suited them but not her so that was less of an issue.

So poor Chloe was a bit like a life size doll for the day as Mom and I had her try on about a dozen different dresses… some of them twice! I forgot I had my phone and could take photos for the first few but here are some of the rest. See if you can guess my colour scheme ;p.

The dresses that looked terrible I did not bother taking pictures of at all as some of them were size 8’s and massive on her.

This dress was nice and bright and the multiple colours would have made it easier to match a maid of honour outfit to.


This dress was Chloe’s favourite but in the end I did not feel it was dressy enough for a bridesmaid dress.


I really liked the different materials in this dress but unfortunately there was not another in the right size. It looks bluish here but it was really a Cadbury purple.


In the end we decided that this dress was perfect. The colour of it is more the colour in the reflection (and I found out later goes perfectly with the shoes I had picked out for myself). It looked stylish and classy and fit her beautifully. As a bonus I think this is definitely a dress she and Vicky can wear again if they have a nice meal or something to go to (such as Chloe’s multiple Christmas dos she gets invited to). Chloe looked gorgeous in it.



Vicky and her Mum (with a ‘u’) were in town the next day so came in to try the dress as well. She too looked stunning so we bought them.

There is Sandra peeking in the background.

There is Sandra peeking in the background.

While us girls were looking at dresses and having lunch at Home Sweet Home (really good cheeseburgers there by the way!) the boys were having a suit fitting. Chris and both of our Dads had already tried them on but none of the groomsmen had yet.

Chris in his morning suit.

Chris in his morning suit.


Chris decided to go with straight black and then will jazz it up with a brighter tie and buttonhole.

John Sam

Tom is being a superhero, he thinks he has a cape. He is the bestman I guess. The salesman in the background does look a little sinister so just as well Tom is a superhero.

Tom is being a superhero, he thinks he has a cape. He is the bestman I guess. The salesman in the background does look a little sinister so just as well Tom is a superhero.


So now we can start accessorising! Fun! Also shopping for maid of honour’s dress and outfits for the Mothers.