The Hitchhikers’ Guide To The Galaxy…

…Live Radio Show!

This has been coming up on our calendar for a very long time. I saw this advertised last January and bought Chris tickets then. We are a very geeky couple and can already quote great swathes of the book by heart, it is one of the reasons we were originally going out. It also means that our friends tend to lose the thread of some conversations very quickly. It serves them right for not reading the right books.

Anyway, once I saw this was on in Manchester, and with most of the original cast from the radio show performing it, Chris and I had to go!

Chris was very excited!

It was strange watching a radio show, it was like a cross between a play and an expressive reading. They had a live band and a pair of guys at the side doing all the sound effects. The ‘Book’ also had a stage of his own from which to narrate. A comet-shaped screen provided the backgrounds for various spaceships and planets as well as the visual representation of the book.

The stage did not want to be photographed!

Since, sadly, the original voice of the book has passed away they have a different actor every few nights and the book for ours was Jon Culshaw. While it was evident he hadn’t gotten much practice his ad libing was highly entertaining so no one cared. It was obvious that the actors were all having a good time as well and still got along which is always good to see. There was a large portion of audience participation to simulate any crowd scenes, we also got to sing along!

The plot added yet another version to the Hitchhikers’ Mythos with part one being basically the same as Book one and part two being all the important parts of the rest. There was a lot of time saved by just alluding to jokes as opposed to doing the whole thing but since everyone already knows the joke just the reference is hilarious.

The propsĀ  were well done and fit well with overall feeling of the show. The new Marvin was adorable (I’m sure he’d hate that) and Colin was a lit up ball on the end of a stick, but very cute. The show also featured the most expressive umbrella I have ever seen as Agrajag.

Overall it was a great night out and a fantastic production. 10/10


Lunch with Kim

Usually my friend Kim and I have dinner after work one night a week. Unfortunately some weeks there just isn’t a night when we are both free and this week was one of them. Fortunately Kim did not have any plans this Sunday and since I end up alone all day Sunday usually I jumped at the idea of going to her house for lunch. It also meant that Kim would make me lunch and as her food is always delicious… Today was no exception! Kim was making baked bean and cheese pasties for herself and her boyfriend but since she knows I don’t like baked beans (I know, I’m a terrible American) she made me some bacon, brie and cranberry ones, which was very, very kind of her. Apparently they were a new experiment but I can only say that it worked because they were really yummy. I thought the salty/smokyness of the bacon was nicely set off but just a little bit of sweetness from the cranberry and the cheese added a lovely tangy background. We had them fresh from the oven and, literally, steaming hot.


Innards of a bacon, brie and cranberry pasty










Kim and I also usually watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer with our dinners. Today we finally watched the last episode of the very last season! Since we have been watching it since, oooooh, March 2010 roughly? I feel quite accomplished. In fairness we have also watched a few other things in that time and had several weeks where we didn’t see each other due to holidays, illness or general busyness. This is probably countered by the fact that when we started watching it Kim was my flatmate and I saw her almost every day. In comparison to this epic 20 month viewing Chris and I have watched M*A*S*H, 6 seasons of Stargate, the Unit and The West Wing to name but a few, and that was only this year.

Now Kim and I will move on to watching Angel, so not really that much difference I suppose but I still feel I should mention the final finishing of Buffy. Kim and I both got teary during the last episode but at least I think it was (mostly) a good episode. Mind you Kim and I do cry at almost anything, an ongoing test of our boyfriends’ patience.

Although we have watched all 7 season (!) we both feel that the highschool seasons were the best in terms of humour, badguys and plot lines but it was nice to finally see it all the way through and I’m glad to say there is a definite ending (everyone knows how much I hate cliffhangers or, even worse, endings that don’t actually finish the story). Overall I have enjoyed watching Buffy which has some very good episodes and some other subplots that are fun to complain about in disbelief with a friend. So on to Angel…who seems to own significantly less coats than Buffy does.