Music, Flapjack and Public Transport

Well it has been a busy week for my husband and I, one that we have been looking forward to for a while. Thus you get a slightly long and rambling post.

About 6 months ago I got a Facebook notification that one of my favourite bands, Epica, were going to be playing in Manchester. I immediately booked tickets and arranged my work schedule so that I could finish early that day. That was to be on Thursday November 12th.

Then we were invited to a family reunion with my father’s family. It would be on the other side of the country but we decided it would be worth the trip. So, again, I booked time off work and added it to my calendar. That was to be on Saturday November 14th. We decided we would take the train from Manchester (where we live) to Grimsby (where my parents live) on the Friday night and drive down to London with them on the Saturday, it would be considerably cheaper. We could then drive back to Grimsby with them on Sunday and take the train home again that evening.

A short while later I saw that another of my favourite bands were also going to be playing in Manchester in November, how exciting! I was a bit unhappy when I saw the date however: Friday November 13th. That would mean travelling to my parents’ house on the Saturday, getting straight off the train and getting into the car. But, I really love Garbage and have done for many years so I decided that it would be worth it. This time I booked to leave work early on the Friday and also booked off the following Monday to recover.

So, Epica on Thursday, Garbage on Friday,family reunion on Saturday and a heck of a lot of travelling.

Roll on November.

As it is near the end of the year my husband and I realised we had some holiday left to use before the end of the year so we decided to save our energy and book the days of both gigs off as well as the weekend and following Monday. Fun times.

Work disagreed. I had already promised to go help out our new Union rep in Nottingham, originally we had decided to do this on October 30th and make our recruitment/question day Hallowe’en themed. Then the date changed. Yep, you guessed it, it was now going to be right in the middle of our week off. On Friday the 13th I was heading to Nottingham.

I was also going to have to bake as we were tying it in with a Children in Need themed cake sale.


I decided to make some flapjack and a chocolate cake for the bake sale.


Flapjack is a wonderfully simple recipe, I used one from the river cottage website.



  • 175g unsalted butter, cut into cubes
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 150g demerara sugar
  • 250g medium porridge oats
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • 2 bags of dark chocolate chips


  • Preheat over to 180°C.
  • Heat together the honey, butter and sugar until the butter has just melted but the sugar is still grainy.
  • Take off the heat and stir in the porridge oats and salt.
  • Pour half the mixture into a greeced 8 inch square pan and press down firmly.
  • Bake for aproximately 10 minutes.
  • Run a knife around the edge of the tin and leave to cool for 5 minutes before turning out onto a wire wrack.
  • Repeat with the other half of the recipe.
  • When the flapjack has cooled cut each square into 8 pieces.
  • Melt the chocolate and pour over half of each piece of flapjack.
  • Allow to set.
  • Yum.

For the chocolate cake I must confess I had some help from Betty Crocker but I think we can all agree I was pretty busy.

That evening we went to see Epica ^_^.
They had two opening bands Scar Symmetry and Eluveitie. I really liked the second one who used a lot of folk instruments like a hurdy-gurdy, a violin and various pipes. I am not keep on growling lyrics but enjoyed the instrumental parts and the female led vocals.

Epica were, of course, amazing. They seemed to be enjoying the show and each others’ company, which is always good to see. I particularly enjoyed the wearable keyboard which allowed the keyboardist to move around like the guitarists. I am still envious of all sopranos. We got home at about midnight.

Chris and I are in here somewhere. Photo from Epica’s Facebook page.



At 6:30 the next morning I was up and heading out for Nottingham, carrying a large chocolate cake, a bag of Union goodies and a big tub of flapjack. Several people commented on the cake so at least I know that it looked tasty.

My train was late so my ride at the Nottingham end had to leave without me. I could not call her because she would not have her phone at work. So I called my work and asked for the number for her office. They gave me one and I called it. I work in insurance, I got through to a soup kitchen.

So I tried again and was given a different number. This belonged to a rather grumpy man and was a private number. Oops.

Third time lucky I finally got hold of my colleague and got directions to her office. I decided that the easiest way to get there was to take a tram. I have been on trams in Manchester, Rome, Paris and various places in the Netherlands. I have never been on a tram that had special stop buttons and did not stop at every stop. I did not realise I had to press anything and so my stopped sailed by. I got off at the next tram stop, changed sides and caught the tram back again. This time I pressed to the stop button repeatedly. Again the tram did not stop and I watched my destination slide past again. I got off at the next stop and just walked. It seemed easier.

Overall the day was good. I answered a lot of Union questions, sold a lot of cake and came home very tired.

Which of course made it a perfect time to have a quick change and head out to Garbage!

My friend Kim came with us as well since she has very good taste in music. Garbage were playing up at the University in Academy 1. There was a gig in Academy 3 as well (a much smaller venue). Our gig had people of all ages but the other seemed to be mostly teenage girls. Kim and I had never heard of the band they were going to see and decided that we felt old (We are 29 and 31).

Garbage were fantastic. Because this was a 20th anniversary tour for their first album they played the whole album (out of order) and b-sides from the singles. It was also the chattiest gig I have ever been to with the lead singer discussing sex, sexism, how they met and all sorts of random stuff that came into her head. Again a really good atmosphere and we had a great time. If they are playing near you go and see them.

Pictures are courtesy of Kim who has a much better camera in her phone than I do.


Once again we got home after midnight. No worries, we didn’t have to be up until 5am on Saturday.


Our train was supposed to be at 6:13. This would get us into Grimsby just before 9am giving us time to stretch our legs before heading down to London about 10ish. We got to Manchester Piccadilly train station at 5:50. Then our train was cancelled. The next train was not until 7:20 so we decided to go and get a cup of tea. A 7:20 train would get us there before 10am although we would not have time for a break between trips. I am not a morning person, as anyone who has ever stayed over at my house will tell you, but I drank my tea and kept my griping to a minimum. It may have escalated a bit as the next three trains by the same company were also cancelled. I kept checking ours on the website and it said it was ok but I was not having high hopes.

Still 7:20 came and a train arrived. Chris and I got on and started to get settled, we put our bags up on the rack… we realised that Chris’ bag was still in the teashop. Chris legged it back to get his stuff while I stood half on, half off of the train hoping he made it back before I had to start an argument with the train conductor. Thankfully he did and we settled down properly for our trip.

Now Grimsby is normally a straight through trip taking about 2.5 hours. That is when the train runs all of the way though. Ours got cancelled at Sheffield, still an hour and a half away from Grimsby. And there were no trains going to Grimsby that we could change to.

We decided to get as far east as we could on the basis that, if absolutely necessary, my parents could pick us up in the car if we got close enough. There was a train going to Scunthorpe, which is only half an hour outside of Grimsby. It was a local stopping train which meant it would take forever but it was going the right way. The national rail website also stated that there was a train running from Scunthorpe to Grimsby. It was also supposed to leave Scunthorpe 2 minutes before our train arrived. We asked if anything could be done about that. No.

I fell asleep on the Scunthorpe train, hardly surprising, I hope you will agree. When I woke up we were stopped at a platform that seemed to be in the middle of a field. I waited for the train to continue. It stayed suspiciously still. Then the conductor came on the tannoy, because of a problem with the tracks we were going to turn around and go back to Doncaster, one of the previous stops. Doncaster is an hour away from Grimsby. We called my parents who told us to get off the train where we were and they would pick us up and head south directly from there.

Now it was 9:30 –  45 minutes after we were supposed to have gotten to Grimsby – and the furtherest east we could get was a field in the middle of nowhere. Well, actually in the middle of Hatfield and Stainforth but I think that everyone who is not from there will agree that that is the middle of nowhere. There were horses in a nearby field and we did briefly consider seeing if we could borrow them to get a bit further east.

We eventually took shelter in a local Asda’s where they were kind enough to let me use the staff toilet. It also gave us an opportunity to stock up on junk food for the trip.

As you may have guessed my parents did find us and, after a 5 hour trip, we managed to find our hotel. From there everything was straight forward. The family reunion was a lot of fun and I did a lot of dancing. The trip home was long but uneventful (thank heavens). The sleep on Sunday night was deep and well needed.


Bridal Shower

Being a child of two nations I have always gotten to celebrate both American and British traditions (or, where conflicting, pick the best one!). For example I celebrate July 4th and St. George’s Day although I have learned that the British just aren’t as good at celebrating things as Americans are. I think I probably celebrate the British things in a very American way.

Last weekend was another example of this as my mother threw my an American style bridal shower. Next weekend my maid of honour is throwing me a hen party (I have no idea what style this will be since it is a surprise, all I know is that I need to wear clothes I can bend over in :s concerning).

Last year when we were in the States we were going through a box of pictures and newspaper clippings my Grandma had and found a delightful article talking about a bridal shower she had been to which listed the ladies present, the games played and which lady won which game. It was beautifully quaint. The article also listed when the bride and groom would be honeymooning and their address… where all of their wedding presents would be… unattended. Different era. I think those clippings were from the late 1920s maybe early 30s.

Mom decided to throw a 1950s style bridal shower for me but other than some foods and fashion changes it appears to be very similar. Certainly more civilised and pretty than a British Hen Party (or American Bachelorette party, I told my American aunt I was having a hen do and had to repeat it several times and explain before she stopped giving me a confused look).

The first fun part was of course trying on lots and lots of clothes to find a suitable 1950s outfit. I ended up going with a dress I already had but the trying on is always a must. Chris got me the below a couple of years ago because the shape really suits me.

And here comes Chloe in the background. Isn't the bunting on the gate cute? This is the closest dress I had to a 1950s shape plus it is just plain cute. From Sohos in Afflecks if you want to know.

And here comes Chloe in the background. Isn’t the bunting on the gate cute? This is the closest dress I had to a 1950s shape plus it is just plain cute. From Sohos in Afflecks if you want to know.

My maid of honour Kim came across from Manchester with me and, as a guest in our house for the first time, helped make lunch. She had a genuinely vintage dress which was black lace over a bright pink, very cute. My sister also had pink and black so the three of us were unintentionally co-ordinated.

Also in this picture our friend Annie, who also came as a guest, who also helped make lunch, bless them both!

Also in this picture our friend Annie, who also came as a guest, who also helped make lunch, bless them both!

Kim and my sister, Chloe

Kim and my sister, Chloe

The prize for best outfit definitely goes to my Aunt though who went to great efforts with the below:

She also had a scarf in her hair and little bows on her socks, so cute!

She also had a scarf in her hair and little bows on her socks, so cute!

The house was decorated with lots of bunting and a pink and grey set of shower things that Mom had bought, it looked great.

We got this bunting at the church Christmas fair. My mother thinks ahead! I had pink cup cake and teapots. I am sure we can use this again.

We got this bunting at the church Christmas fair. My mother thinks ahead! I had pink cup cake and teapots. I am sure we can use this again.

This took some work to get it to stay up.

This took some work to get it to stay up.

Chris had to walk through Grimsby town centre carrying this and a bunch of purple stocks. He got some comments.

Chris had to walk through Grimsby town centre carrying this and a bunch of purple stocks. He got some comments. The plates and cups also had this design.

Mom even co-ordinated the toilet paper.

Mom even co-ordinated the toilet paper.

Overall we had 12 ladies plus my mother and I. Since Mom and I were not allowed to win prizes that left the other 12 potentially lucky women the chance at these:

The lilac are the winners' prizes with pink booby prizes.

The lilac are the winners’ prizes with pink booby prizes.

We just about all fit into our front room but I enjoyed the coziness, it meant you could see and speak to everyone.


Mom had arranged several games for us to play, some just fun and others with a wedding theme.

The first game was not bridal specific but fun, we had to match the pseudonym (wow I got the spelling correct first time!) with the real name. I discovered that I am better at men’s names than women’s and we had a laugh trying to pronounce some of the original names, no wonder celebrities change them sometimes!

Next we had a wordsearch of wedding related words. This was ongoing during gaps between the other games. Overall I did ok at this but did manage to find some words that were not on the list but should have been such as ‘Wed’. I also think most brides will agree that ‘Fat’ is something that preoccupies them for months before the wedding!

Next was a game that was definitely biased towards the happily already married as it involved matching wedding anniversaries to the present for it e.g. 1st paper, 25th silver, 50th gold etc… Apparently electrical appliances is now an anniversary thing. I want to know what got bumped off the list to make way for that! As unwed ladies Kim and I were hopelessly confused by this but now I know what Chris needs to be buying me each year!

The next would be a fun game for any party: a list of things such as ‘types of flower’ or ‘cities’ down the left hand side and a name across the top (you may use your own, you don’t have to use mine like we did). People then have to try and think of an example from the left hand column which starts with the letter from the top. So for RACHEL you could have Rhododendron, Apple blossom, Carnations, Heliotrope, Evening primrose and Lilac for flowers. If no one else in the room has the same item in any given box you get a point. Of course I can think of them now, at the time I had a mind blank!

Lastly we had a brief game of Mr and Mrs. Everyone got a number and whoever had the number correlating my final score won. Chris and I got 9/15 which isn’t bad. One question neither of us knew the answer to so I don’t count that one! I got a couple wrong and he got a couple wrong *cough* date he proposed *cough*. He’ll never live that one down! But it was a laugh.

Following the playing of games and the winning of prizes we had a lovely buffet prepared by my Mom, Kim and Annie.

Mom made red velvet cupcakes and lemon cupcakes. The lemon were a trial run for the weddng cake. Both were fantastic!

Mom made red velvet cupcakes and lemon cupcakes. The lemon were a trial run for the weddng cake. Both were fantastic!

How cute.

How cute.

All the food!

All the food!

One of our guests made some truly delicious bakewell cupcakes, yummy!

One of our guests made some truly delicious bakewell cupcakes, yummy!

The lemon cupcakes are pink, the red velvet are purple.

The lemon cupcakes are pink, the red velvet are purple.

Egg and cress, ham salad or cheese and mango chutney sandwiches.

Egg and cress, ham salad or cheese and mango chutney sandwiches.

Devilled eggs. Apparently a must for this era's parties.

Devilled eggs. Apparently a must for this era’s parties.

Celery with cream cheese. Can you tell my foodie best friend had the camera?

Celery with cream cheese. Can you tell my foodie best friend had the camera?

Pretzels are of course and American favourite.

Pretzels are of course and American favourite.

I learned that Doritos were the new big thing in the 50s-60s.

I learned that Doritos were the new big thing in the 50s-60s.

Look at that delicious feast. We also had a fruit (non-alcoholic) punch.

Look at that delicious feast. We also had a fruit (non-alcoholic) punch.

After much eating and much chatting I opened my gifts.

Mom displayed my gifts in an umbrella in the entrance hall. A great idea especially when you have run out of table space.

Mom displayed my gifts in an umbrella in the entrance hall. A great idea especially when you have run out of table space.

Mom said they used to have three showers, one from the Mother of the Bride, one from the Mother of the Groom and one from the Maid of Honour. There would be different kinds of showers such as personal showers or showers where people bought specifically kitchen or house gifts.

Since Chris and I already have a house which is pretty well equipped I had a personal shower. Gifts are supposed to just be very small, inexpensive things but I have to say that some of our guests did go a little overboard. I’m not complaining, I got some wonderful things. Some designed to help a stressful bride relax such as bubblebath, cream soaks and even a book ‘keep calm for brides’. Also a book ‘don’ts for wives’ which was a very short volume!

I also received some very personal gifts such as night dresses and underwear, I’m sure Chris will enjoy those on the honeymoon as well 😉

Kim gave me a very thoughtful gift of a memory box into which I promptly put some of things from my shower.

All of the gifts had to have a ribbon on it. This had a dual purpose. The idea is that however many ribbons break as I remove them is how many children Chris and I will have. My Mom had wrapped her gifts oddly tightly! In the unwrapping process I ripped one ribbon and one broke completely in half so I guess that is two kids for us. We then took the ribbons and pulled them through a paper plate to make a ‘bouquet’ that I can use for our rehearsal.


I also got the gift of advice. Each lady wrote a piece of advise on a slip of white material which was then attached to a pillow which said ‘love’ via a heart shaped button.

Before everyone left we had a little favour for them as well which my mother had hung on a tree in the hallway.

DSCF0590 DSCF0591

I want to thank Mom for throwing me such a beautiful and fun bridal shower, you’re the best. I also wish to thank Kim and Annie for helping us pull it off! Also all of the wonderful family and friends who came: thank you for the presents and thank you even more for coming over and making it such a lovely afternoon.

So on a closing note, if you are a bride-to-be, have a shower and a hen do. Two very different entertainments and both very worthwhile having!

P.S. Always say ‘at the shower’ never ‘in the shower’. We learned this the difficult way.

Fourth of July (and pie)

One of the advantages to being bi-national is that you get two sets of holidays! Maybe it isn’t politic to have a party celebrating American Independence in Britain and invite my British friends but we have fun and everyone gets pie!

Actually since I missed the Jubilee due to my boyfriend being in hospital we put up the British flags as well as American.

Kim and I made an eclectic mix of American style foods that you can actually make in England. She and her boyfriend brought over biscuits with gravy and pulled pork, which was delicious! Check out Kim’s site for her entry on the pulled pork. I think  The biscuits were whole-wheat which was new to me but definitely works. I love how my half English, half Scotish/Irish best friend and her completely Irish boyfriend will not only come over for an American party but will even contribute.

I made hamburgers, potato salad and green beans in mushroom soup.

My potato salad is an odd thing since Chris and Kim both love it but neither of them actually likes potato salad :s This either means my potato salad is very good or not very much like potato salad. I have had people who do like potato salad also enjoy it in fairness.

This potato salad consists of cooking up some new potatoes and hard boiling some eggs and then chilling them. Water down some mayonnaise and mix into it the chunked potatoes and eggs along with some chopped spring onion and red pepper. Chill again and eat!

Since last Saturday (yes we had July 4th on July 7th) was one of the few sunny days we have had this month we decided to take a blanket and head to the park for dessert. It wasn’t actually warm and as soon as we got there the sun went behind a cloud but, in true English style, we made the best of it! We discussed Star Wars, teenagers and late-20s then read our books and enjoyed the lack of rain! We also had apple pie and cream (which I promptly managed to tip off of my pathetic paper plate).

Mom said cherry is traditional but since Kim doesn’t like cherries, I prefer apples and, moreover, I have a recipe for this one, Apple Pie it was!

This is the apple pie my Mom always makes for Thanksgiving, which was made by her mother as well. I love baking but I always particularly enjoy making Grandma’s recipes. I feel close to both my Mom and my Grandma even though they may be very far away. Mom’s aim with her pie is always to see if it tastes like Grandma’s. Mine is to see if it tastes like Mom’s. I hope both of them would approve of this pie! The biggest baking compliment I have ever had was when Mom told me I make candy cane cookies as well as Grandma.

So here is the apple pie recipe as sent to me by my Mom.

3 Cups of Sifted Flour
1 Cup of Shortening (crisco, butter or marg)
1 tsp Salt
6 Tbl of Water  (aproximately) (I always seem to use more than this)
Mix the ingredients together. The dough should form into a fairly solid ball.
Roll out on a pastry board. Use additional flour to cover the board and the rolling pin.
Apple Part
6 Cups Sliced Apples
1 Cup Sugar
Cinnamon (no amount was ever given. I guess just 1tsp is about right.)
1 Tbl Flour
A few pats of Butter
Combine the first 4 ingredients in a bowl and place into the raw shell. Put the pats of butter on the top.
Add the top crust if doing so.
Using a fork, prick the top to allow steam to escape. (Mom always did it in a shape if possible, like an apple with leaf.)
Bake at 425F Gas Mark 7 for 50-60 minutes (or longer if the apples till feel too crunchy if a knife is inserted inside)
(I often find it necessary to cover the crust so that it doesn’t burn and then take it off for the last 10 minutes or so to allow the crust to get a nice golden brown.
I have to say, I think it turned out well! Especially the crust, I brought Crisco back from the States 2 months ago so I could make it properly. There are a lot of things that they should definitely sell in England! Mom and I always stock up on baking goods when we go home.
So that’s how we celebrated 4th of July in England with only 1/8 of the group being American! And 3 days late! But with a lot of fun and a great appreciations for the freedoms we have, which ever country we’re in.

Mom’s birthday

Well I shamefully haven’t posted yet this month although there has been a fair bit going on. I’m going to start with a simple post about lemon drizzle cake and snowdrops.

It was my Mom’s birthday last weekend so Chris and I went home for a visit and to make Mom’s cake (my Dad is an excellent cook but baking is not his forte).

Lemon Drizzle Cake

We decided on this cake because my Mom likes it and also because we had the ingredients for it in the house and we had forgotten to get any baking ingredients while we were out shopping.


For the cake:
170g self-raising flour (or ordinary flour with an additional 1.5 tbsp of baking powder)
170g golden caster sugar
110g softened butter
2 large eggs
6 tbsp milk
1 tsp baking powder
finely grated rind of a large, unwaxed lemon (I had to use lemon juice and3 tbsp but would recommend using slightly more than that if making it this way)

For the icing:
110g golden caster sugar
juice of a large lemon (or again however much juice is needed to get it to the right consistancy, I used about 1/4 cup)


– Preheat the oven to 180 degrees or gas mark 4
– Prepare a 20cm square baking tray
– Place all of the ingredients together in a large mixing bowl and beat together for a few minutes until the mixture drops easily off of a spoon.
– Place the mixture in the baking tray.
– Bake for 30-40 minutes until golden brown.
– Beat together icing ingredients and pour over the cake while it is still hot.
– Leave to cool for a little while then turn out onto a wire rack to cool fully.

As you can see this is a really simple, one pot lemon cake. But it is yummy! The recipe was in Mom’s book of handwritten and cut out recipes so I am not sure where we originally got it from.

We were lazy and just served it in the pan.


While we were home we also took a drive out to the Lincolnshire Wolds for a look at the snowdrops. Living so near the countryside is something I really miss living in Manchester so I always take the opportunity for some rolling, hobbitish hills whenever I am at my parents’ house.






Come Dine With Me Night 3

As you can see from the post here my friend Kim and I and our boyfriends have been doing our own version of Come Dine With Me. Ours involves less arguing and less money but is still just as fun. Kim went first and me second so that means that it was her boyfriend Kieran’s turn next. I have had Kieran’s cooking a couple of times before and it was always good, however I have never had a dessert made by him so I was quite curious to see what he would make. Well I have to say the whole three course meal was delicious!

For starter we had a twice baked cheese soufflé which was delicious and light, on a bed of salad with home made dressing. A Delia recipe Kieran baked it to perfection.


For the main course we had a chinese beef dish with rice. The beef was delicious and melted apart in your mouth and the flavouring of the sauce was perfect, quite sweet but not over the top. The main spices we ginger and chinese five spice. The recipe was from the Good Food website.


For dessert we had vanilla panna cotta. I have never had panna cotta before but I will definitely be having it again. Kieran served it with strawberry and blueberry coulis and blueberries on the side. The coulis was just the right balance of tangy and sweet.


The table had a Christmas-sy feel complete with crackers. So we spent the evening wearing silly paper hats as demonstrated here by the chef himself and the lovely Kim.


After dinner we played Trivial Pursuit, won by Kim.

You can tell that by here I was quite tispy since I had had about 3/4 of a bottle of wine. Sorry for the finger in the picture.

I highly recommend the wine by the way, a sweeter rose, delicious!

Overall I would definitely give Kieran a 10/10. His food was perfect and we had a very enjoyable evening!


Quick & Easy Chocolate Treats

The last two of the Christmas ‘baked’ goods that I made are not actually baked. One of them is even called Chocolate and Peanut Butter No Bake cookies! The other is chocolate fudge.


This takes literally 15 minutes to make, including washing up time, although you do have to leave it to set for a while. It is a low effort, high reward treat and one of my favourites!

Melt a tin of condensed milk and 18 oz of chocolate in a saucepan. Remove from the heat and add 1 teaspoon of vanilla and a dash of salt. You can also add nuts or fruit, we used a mixture of pralines and walnuts. Pour into a tray lined with grease-proof paper. Leave to set.

Mom and I use the recipe from an Eagle Brand packet and when I was browsing on their website I found this video.

No Bakes

Measure into a saucepan

½ cup milk
2 cups of sugar
4 tbl cocoa
½ cup butter

Boil 1 min

Add ½ cup peanut butter
1 tsp vanilla
3 cups of oatmeal

Pour into a non-stick tray and leave to set.


I don’t have any individual pictures for these two however I do have a picture of a tray featuring almost all of the baked goods from Christmas.

From the candy canes (as they are easily recognisable) going clockwise: Candy canes, Praline cups, No bakes, uniced Rollout cookies, Date pinwheels, Thumbprint cookies, iced Rollout cookies, Seven layer cookies and Spritz with fudge in the middle.


There were also fruit cakes and breakfast cake. In America we would call this coffee cake but it does not have any coffee in it!









And shortcake!


‘Candy Cane’ Cookies

These cookies are another of the many Christmas cookies we make. They do have a little bit of mint but are not overly minty, however they do look like cute candy canes! They are another cookie that is not overly sweet.


1 cup soft butter
1 cup sifted confectioners sugar
1 egg
1 ½ tsp almond ext
1 tsp vanilla

Sift together and stir in

2 ½ cups flour
1 tsp salt

Divide dough in half and add ½ tsp red colouring to one half.






Roll 1 tsp of each colour into a strip (about 4 inches) twist together like a rope.






Curve top to form a cane.






Place on an ungreased cookies sheet. Sprinkle with peppermint chips.










Bake for about 9 mins at 375 degrees.