Fountains of Rome

As the title suggests ;p

This is the first Piazza we went to, Piazza del Popolo. Also where the Count of Monte Cristo and friends go to watch an execution.

0017 0019

The fountain opposite the Pantheon


Trevi fountain. It is indescribably huge and in a relatively tiny square. It’s amazing.

0155 0156 0157 0158 0159

This was near the Quirinale


The Quattro Fontane


0174 0175 0176

The Moses Fountain.


Fountain de Api


Piazza Novana


Including the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi

0385 0387 0388 0389 0390 0397

At the other end of the Piazza Novana

0405 0407 0411 0412


One thought on “Fountains of Rome

  1. JimandLiz Hudson says:

    Good stuff Honey!

    Love, Marmee

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