Free Alcohol

A quick post on getting very lucky, all at once, with alcoholic drinks:

Chris and I enjoy a drink but aren’t big drinkers however if the alcohol in question happens to be free what can you do? We have a habit of running around Manchester collecting free things but this particular week was a winner!

On Friday night Chris had a work night out at Barcelona (the bar, not the country). They regularly do bogof offers on cocktails which they were taking advantage of. Ok, so it’s more half price alcohol than free alcohol but since I had someone’s drink after they decided they didn’t like it mine was free.




Margaritas are one of my favourite cocktails. I first had them in New Mexico after going into a bar with my father and asking the waitress to recommend something. She made me an entire cocktail shaker of presidente margarita and I have been hooked ever since. They are citrus-y and slightly sour whereas I usually like sweet things but still, sooo good.

Chris also had a Long Island Iced Tea. Not usually my favourite (I don’t like actual iced tea) but there ones were very good. I don’t know if that is a good thing or not if you do like Long Island Iced Teas. Either way I would have one again. I also like these glasses.


The only problem with Barcelona is that you have to get two of the same cocktail so you better have similar tastes! As it is just around the corner from our house in Manchester’s Northern Quarter I would definitely go there again.

The next day I dragged Chris along to a wedding fair. As well as the usual free fare of hair stuff, face cream, lots of bits of a paper and a few sweets we also were literally wined and dined with some curry samples from Tampopo (delicious, definitely going for a full meal some time) and champagne from one of the jewellers. Free champagne day is a very good day!

On the bogof scale we also stopped off at a Slug and Lettuce for breakfast and to try our new camera out through windows. And what better things to have with breakfast than breakfast cocktails (it was not actually breakfast time, we had skipped a meal!).

DSCF0364 DSCF0368 DSCF0370

In spite of the horrendous name I actually rather like the Slug and Lettuce. This is partially because they do a rather nice pecan pie (and the first one I ever saw in England) and I have fond memories of sitting outside on one of our few sunny days eating said pie and drinking strawberry belinis. Since the bogof has been on since at least last summer it seems to be around to stay. Overcome the revulsion of the name and try it, they do give decent sized portions. Of the two drinks we had Chris’ (the orange one) was definitely better, the banana was good but a little bitter.

On Sunday we decided to go for a walk around town. We weren’t looking for anything in particular and had nowhere to be so when we saw a bus offering free whiskey we thought ‘what the hey’ and stopped. I actually went off whiskey a while ago after having a mixer of whiskey that was much to strong but having a tiny taster with cloudy apple juice was really rather nice. I had not tried the two together before and it does work well.

So thus far Chris has had 2 half price drinks, a champagne and some whiskey and I have had a half price drink, a margaritas, a champagne and some whiskey. But here comes the big finale.

There is a bar in the Northern Quarter that has always driven me crazy. Call me pedantic but a bar called bluu (no capitalisation even!) should be blue not, as it is, predominantly red. Look at their front page and you will see. I usually therefore avoid going there even though they have comfy chairs and amusing pin up pictures. They are a bit pretentious but then, most of the northern quarter is! When your flatmate comes home and says ‘I have vouchers for free cocktails’ you say ‘yes’ first and ask ‘where’ second.

So Chris and I found ourselves at the grand reopening of bluu/red bar. And I have to say I was impressed with the cocktails we had.


These were Apples and Pears which fresh fruit. Admittedly there is a LOT of ice in there but they also did not stint with the alcohol measures. The cocktails were tasty and the soaked fruit delicious. That being said, for the same price, you can get a cocktail at the Hilton and, let’s face it, the Hilton is much classier and has a far better view. You can also freak yourself out with the clear floor section 23 floors up, always a winner after drinks :s. I do like the current trend for things in jam jars though, it is fun.

So you see, if someone offers what else are you going to do but have a few drinks?