Bonbon, Northern Quarter, Manchester

A couple of weekends ago Chris and I decided to have a bit of a treat and go to the new chocolate shop which has opened around the corner from our house. Largely because we keep walking passed it and it looks delicious!!! It is called Bonbon and it is chocolate boutique. How cool is that?


I think we may have actually found heaven. Walking into a shop where they make all of their chocolates on site on a cold day definitely qualifies, I wish I could have photographed the smell, mmmmmm.


This was the sign on the door so we thought we should do an independent verification. It just had to be done!

After sampling I think the sign may be correct. The hot chocolate, which comes in normal, orange, banana or salted caramel, was thick and fruity and utterly gorgeous.


Served in cup sized bowls it was wonderful just to hold and sniff since my fingers were freezing cold. I went for the banana and Chris had orange. Basically it was a big cup of melted chocolate with just a little spring water to make it drinkable. Very rich!

We also decided to splurge and split a piece of flourless chocolate torte (gluten free therefore Kim!). The hot choc and torte were so rich we couldn’t actually finish the one piece between us.



While the store itself is very small and only has 2 tables it was still very charming and had a Northern Quarter independent vibe. I liked the decor which was a mix of homemade and shelves and shelves of chocolate. The lady serving was also a Northern Quarter quirky kind of lady and was absolutely lovely, we had quite a nice chat while we were waiting for table to free up.



While it is not cheap the quality of the chocolate definitely makes it worth it, especially if you are limiting your sweet intake and want a real treat. We each got one truffle to take home for later and they were literally melt-in-your-mouth fantastic, smooth and sweet.

And look at all the choices!

And look at all the choices!

Since they are made in Manchester I think they would also make a cute present for someone. Or for me… hint hint Chris :p

He also greatly enjoyed the sugar overload.


Definite sugar high!

The store seemed to be doing well while we were there and we hope it lasts. Completely charming, 10/10!