Superlambanana City

Aka Liverpool.

I have lived in Manchester for 7 years now and Chris has lived in Bury and Manchester his whole life: neither of us has ever been to Liverpool. Shocking isn’t it? So we decided that, as we had a few days off this week, we would go. After all, it costs less than £10 return on the train and takes less than an hour to get there, we didn’t even have to set out early.

Having now been to Liverpool I definitely won’t let it be 7 years before I go again!

Liverpool is a beautiful city. As you step out of Lime Street Station you are immediately in an area of grand stone buildings with colonnades, surrounded by statues. In this area we went to the Walker Art Gallery which is definitely worth a visit. They are currently having a Matisse exhibition which I wanted to see and also have a stunning room of statuary.

After that we went for a walk down to the Mersey and went to the Museum of Liverpool. Not the best museum I’ve ever been in but still an interesting introduction to some of Liverpool’s history. It is also where we met the Superlambananas.

We were walking down the Mersey and saw these cats with bird tail things. I stood puzzling as to what they were while Chris cleverly found a sign. I didn’t believe him until I read it myself: Superlambanana. They’re brilliant. I know Manchester did a cow thing a few years back and I guess this is something similar. After we found the first one we started noticing them all over the place.

We didn’t go to any more museums after that choosing instead to visit the two Cathedrals. Unfortunately my camera ran out of battery before we got to the Catholic Cathedral which is a stunning modern building, roughly circular in shape with a beautiful crown on top but I did get some pictures of the Anglican Cathedral which, in addition to sitting proudly on a hill surveying the city, is truly gorgeous, has a very nice tea room and some of the most richly coloured stained glass I’ve seen. Unfortunately the glass colours just wouldn’t come out on my camera. I would also like to praise it for the extensive…well I hate to say graveyard as it felt more like a garden in which they had happened to bury dead people.

If you enjoy the churches and museums tour of places Liverpool is a fantastic city and I look forward to going back and seeing some more of it’s museums. If you don’t enjoy the c&m tour then Liverpool is pretty much City, England. The central malls were mostly generic and we struggled to find a nice place to have food that wasn’t a pub or somewhere we could go at home. I guess that’s the same wherever you go these days. None-the-less I recommend a visit.


Mom’s birthday

Well I shamefully haven’t posted yet this month although there has been a fair bit going on. I’m going to start with a simple post about lemon drizzle cake and snowdrops.

It was my Mom’s birthday last weekend so Chris and I went home for a visit and to make Mom’s cake (my Dad is an excellent cook but baking is not his forte).

Lemon Drizzle Cake

We decided on this cake because my Mom likes it and also because we had the ingredients for it in the house and we had forgotten to get any baking ingredients while we were out shopping.


For the cake:
170g self-raising flour (or ordinary flour with an additional 1.5 tbsp of baking powder)
170g golden caster sugar
110g softened butter
2 large eggs
6 tbsp milk
1 tsp baking powder
finely grated rind of a large, unwaxed lemon (I had to use lemon juice and3 tbsp but would recommend using slightly more than that if making it this way)

For the icing:
110g golden caster sugar
juice of a large lemon (or again however much juice is needed to get it to the right consistancy, I used about 1/4 cup)


– Preheat the oven to 180 degrees or gas mark 4
– Prepare a 20cm square baking tray
– Place all of the ingredients together in a large mixing bowl and beat together for a few minutes until the mixture drops easily off of a spoon.
– Place the mixture in the baking tray.
– Bake for 30-40 minutes until golden brown.
– Beat together icing ingredients and pour over the cake while it is still hot.
– Leave to cool for a little while then turn out onto a wire rack to cool fully.

As you can see this is a really simple, one pot lemon cake. But it is yummy! The recipe was in Mom’s book of handwritten and cut out recipes so I am not sure where we originally got it from.

We were lazy and just served it in the pan.


While we were home we also took a drive out to the Lincolnshire Wolds for a look at the snowdrops. Living so near the countryside is something I really miss living in Manchester so I always take the opportunity for some rolling, hobbitish hills whenever I am at my parents’ house.